Only Fools Friday the 14th

Del, Rodney, and Grandad talking to the "Chief of security".

Detailed sypnosisEdit

In another one of his get-rich-quick schemes, Del Boy has just concluded a deal with Boycie and a fish restaurant owner, which will see him, Rodney and Grandad stay at Boycie's weekend cottage in Cornwall, bribe the local gamekeeper and do some salmon poaching.

As the trio arrive in Cornwall during a heavy thunderstorm, they are stopped by a policeman, who informs them that a convicted axe murderer has taken advantage of a power cut caused by the bad weather and escaped from the local mental institution. His crime had been to kill a group of fishermen exactly ten years ago.

Despite being unnerved by the news, the Trotters continue to the cottage. Whilst there, they fret that someone is either watching them from outside or already in the cottage. After an argument over a game of Monopoly, Rodney sees a face staring through the window. They are interrupted by a man at the door, who introduces himself as the chief of security from the institution.

Reassured by the man's identification documents and his belief that the escaped man will be long gone, Del Boy is satisfied that it is safe to use the outside toilet. Whilst outside, he opens the door and inadvertently knocks out the man whom Rodney had seen at the window earlier.

Rodney and Grandad take the unconscious man to the local police station, leaving Del and the head of security at the cottage. The police quickly identify the man not as the escaped murderer, but as the local gamekeeper. They also reveal that the hospital's chief of security was knocked unconscious by the patient, who stole his clothes and ID, meaning Del is trapped in the cottage with the real Axe-Murderer.

After Rodney tells Del the truth on the telephone, a nervous Del begins to see the manic side to the escaped lunatic. However, things turn in his favour when the madman reveals his hatred of winning as they are about to play an imaginary game of snooker. Sensing an opportunity to make money, Del suggests that they play for £10 per frame.


Season: 3
Writer: John Sullivan
Director: Ray Butt
Producer: Ray Butt
Duration: 30 minutes
Airdate: November 24, 1983
Audience: 9.7 million

Featured charactersEdit

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