Jumbo Mills

Jumbo Mills



Jumbo Mills

Only appearance:

"Rock and Chips
  • Who wants to be a Millionare

Portrayed by:

Nick Stringer as Mike fisher


mid 1940s


early 40s


owner of huge used car business


Jumbo Mills is Del Boy's ex-business partner and old good-natured friend, as they used to run a Jellied eels stall called Eels on Wheels outside the Nag's Head, which was put to an end by television, and the fact that Jumbo emigrated in Australia with Del's last £200 in 1967. Nearly twenty years later, Jumbo returns to Peckham persuade Del to move out to Australia with him and become business partners again by selling used cars. But when Albert refuses to go and Rodney is prevented from going because of his criminal record, Del turns down the offer from Jumbo.

Australian ManEdit

Nick Stringer also appeared in an earlier episode, "Go West Young Man", playing an Australian man who bought a dodgy car from Del Boy, which he later crashed into the back of Boycie's E-type Jaguar, which at the time was being driven by Del.

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