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Rodney (foolishly) inviting Sandra into Trotter Towers.

Detailed sypnosisEdit

It is the morning after a party at the Nag's Head attended by Del Boy and Rodney, which broke into a near-riot. It emerges that to break up the trouble, a young policewoman had been sent, and Del teases Rodney for trying to ask her out for a date whilst she was dealing with the offenders. Only later does Rodney reveal that he had in fact been successful, and has thus arranged an evening out with her, much to Del's horror.

It ends in an argument, with Rodney accusing Del of trying to run his life, and Del countering with details of how he had raised Rodney since he was five. But despite Del's pleas, Rodney takes Sandra out. Del and Grandad solemnly consider the implications of Rodney dating a police officer for their business. Del ultimately concludes that "one wrong word from that plonker Rodney and [Del] could end up doing five years."

Rodney returns home late at night and Grandad reveals to Del that he has brought Sandra home with him, resulting in a panic-stricken Del frantically trying to hide some of the illegal goods in the flat, including three cases of export-only Gin and some stolen watches recently purchased from Trigger. Rodney and Sandra come in, and Del suddenly realises that Rodney has given her one of Trigger's watches. He gets it off her after "accidentally" spilling some gin over it, but says that they can't give her another glass of gin, since they have run out, only for Rodney – without thinking – to reveal the three cases of it hastily hidden behind the curtains by Del. All an exasperated Del Boy can do is shudder and bemoan what a plonker his brother is.

Back outside Sandra's flat, she and Rodney say goodnight. She also tells Rodney that she had indeed observed all the illegal goods in the flat, despite Del's efforts to conceal them, and gives them 24 hours to get rid of it all, before she returns with the CID.

The final scene shows the Trotters in their now near-empty flat, with all three still frantically removing stuff and Del still threatening to kill Rodney for getting them into the mess.


Season: 2
Writer: John Sullivan
Director: Ray Butt
Producer: Ray Butt
Duration: 30 minutes
Airdate: October 21, 1982
Audience: 7.7 million

Featured charactersEdit

Other notesEdit

Episode conceptEdit

  • The idea for the script was based on John Sullivan's niece, who worked as a policewoman.

Production goofsEdit

  • While in Sid's Cafe, after Rodney tells Del that he successfully asked Sandra out, as loads of kitchenware drops out of Del's sleeve you can see his hand controlling when the knifes are falling out.

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