Unlucky Winner

Rodney, just coming off a skateboarding derby.

Detailed sypnosisEdit

Del Boy has taken an interest in entering competitions, and enters an old painting drawn by Rodney when he was 14 into one, though without Rodney's knowledge. Rodney's work is selected as one of the winners, and he wins a free holiday to Spain, but when informing him of his success, Del declines to tell Rodney that he has won in the under-15s category. When at the airport, Del finally tells Rodney and Cassandra the full details of the prize, namely that the organisers think Rodney is 14. He persuades the two to go along with it, meaning that Rodney has to pretend to be 14 for the week, with Del posing as his father and Cassandra posing as his common law stepmother.

The ploy appears to work, despite strange glances from the organisers, especially after it emerges that Del has modified the birth date on Rodney's passport. Rodney grudgingly joins the Groovy Gang, a youth activity group, and has to take part in a variety of children's activities, such as skateboarding and attending a junior disco.

Whilst on the trip, Del purchases some Spanish lottery tickets for each of them, and Rodney's numbers win. The group are then informed by the holiday organisers that they will be unable to claim the prize, since the winning tickets were in Rodney's name and under Spanish law, people under 18 are not allowed to gamble. In an attempt to prove that he really is over 18, Rodney produces his student's card which, it emerges, has also been modified by Del.


Season: 6
Writer: John Sullivan
Director: Tony Dow
Producer: Gareth Gwenlan
Duration: 50 minutes
Airdate: January 29, 1998

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Story arcEdit

Previous episode: Chain Gang
Next episode: Sickness and Wealth

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