Only Fools Yuppy Love

Rodney Trotter meets Cassandra Parry.

Detailed sypnosisEdit

Having seen and been strongly influenced by the film Wall Street, especially its lead character, the ruthless corporate high-flyer Gordon Gekko, Del Boy has decided to adopt a new "yuppy" image, donning a striped shirt and red braces, and carrying a filofax and a silver briefcase. Rodney in turn has joined an evening computer class, where he meets Cassandra Parry. He later meets her again at a nightclub, where she offers to give him a lift home. She first drives to her house and Rodney feels upstaged by Cassandra's luxurious lifestyle. Embarrassed at the thought of Cassandra seeing their council flat in Nelson Mandela House, Rodney instead leads her to the King's Avenue, an expensive and very up-market road, implying that he lives there. Despite soon finding out that he actually doesn't Cassandra still phones and agrees to meet Rodney again.

Only Fools Yuppy Love2

Del's famous wine bar fall.

This episode also features a now-famous British comedy scene; Del, leaning against a bar flap in a local bistro, moves away from it and then leans back again, unaware that the bartender has just lifted it up, and he promptly falls straight down.


Season: 6
Writer: John Sullivan
Director: Tony Dow
Producer: Gareth Gwenlan
Duration: 50 minutes
Airdate: January 8, 1989
Audience: 13.9 million

Featured charactersEdit

Other notesEdit

Episode conceptEdit

  • The script was based on Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street, to reinvent a new image for Del, and bring in Cassandra and Raquel into the series.

Production goofsEdit

  • When Rodney is going to his evening class, he is wearing a black suit. Rodney attends class, then tells Del that he isn't going back to the flat ("Not with Albert there.") He goes to the disco instead, dances with Cassandra, gets dropped off at the King's Avenue in the rain, then comes home, while wearing a grey suit all the while.
  • David Jason nearly slips out of character when Rodney chases him around the settee after fooling him out of a bet. He starts to chuckle when he says, "Now, stop it...!"

Miscellaneous triviaEdit

  • The scene where Rodney is dropped off at a posh area called the King's Avenue is based on a real-life occurrence for John Sullivan as a schoolboy.
  • The building that BBC used for the wine bar is the same building they used in "Fatal Extraction" for the One-Eleven Club. It is known as the Old Granary in Welsh Back, Bristol.

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